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Popular Spices, Herbs and Food Ingredients from Fuchs

We offer a wide range of herbs and spices, capsicums, mustard, dehydrated vegetables, and other ingredients. When you source spices and other food ingredients from us, you’re tapping into the rich and extensive global supply chain of the Fuchs Group. 

Listed here are some of the more popular spices, herbs, capsicums and other food ingredients we provide our customer:



   · Garlic

        Ø   Garlic Powder

        Ø   Garlic Granule

        Ø   Deep-fried Garlic Granule

        Ø   Garlic Flakes

        Ø   Deep-fried Garlic Flakes

        Ø   Garlic Condensed Juice

        Ø   Garlic Paste

        Ø   Garlic Granule in Oil

        Ø   Garlic Cloves in Oil

        Ø   Garlic Clove Mix Curry in Oil

        Ø   Garlic Clove Mix Chili in Oil

        Ø   Garlic Clove Mix Vanilla in Oil

        Ø   Garlic Clove Mix Vinegar in Brine

 · Onion 

        Ø   Onion Powder

        Ø   Toasted Onion Powder

        Ø   Onion Granule

        Ø   Toasted Onion Granule

        Ø   Deep-fried Onion Granule

        Ø   Red Onion Granule

        Ø   Red Onion Powder

        Ø   FD Red Onion Granule

        Ø   Salted Onion Condensed Juice

 · Ginger

        Ø   Ginger Powde

        Ø   Ginger Granule

        Ø   Ginger Flakes

        Ø   Ginger Paste in Sirup

        Ø   Sweet Ginger Paste

        Ø   Sushi Ginger

        Ø   Ginger Granule in Sirup

        Ø   Ginger in Sirup

        Ø   Ginger Extract

        Ø   Ginger Paste Brine

 · Capsicums

        Ø   Paprika

        Ø   Red Bell Pepper Granule

        Ø   Green Bell Pepper Granule

        Ø   Red Bell Pepper Powder

        Ø   Chili Crushed

        Ø   Paprika Seeds

        Ø   Jalapeno Pulpe

        Ø   Jalapeno Pulpe Sweet

        Ø   Red Hot Chili Peppers

        Ø   Chili Sliced in Brine

     Ø Hot Pepper in Brine

        Ø   Red Bell Pepper Paste

        Ø   Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper in Brine

        Ø   Pan-Seared Red Chili Pepper in Brine

        Ø   Pan-Seared Color Chili Pepper in Brine

        Ø   Aglio Olio Pepperonicino Rot

        Ø   Aglio Olio Pepperonicino Gruen

 · Cassia Sticks

 · Cinnamon Ground

 · Green Pepper

 · White Pepper Whole

 · White Pepper Ground

 · Black Pepper Whole

 · Black Pepper Ground

 · Black Pepper Broken

 · Mixed Pepper

 · Nutmeg Whole

 · Nutmeg Ground

 · Mustard Seed Whole

 · Mustard Seed Ground

 · Star Anise

 · Cloves Whole

 · Cloves Ground

 · Cumin Ground

 · Wasabi Powder

 · Curry English

 · Curry Madras

 · BBQ Spice Mixture

 · Mixed Pepper

 · Curry Salt

 · Pepper Salt

 · Mixed Spice Salt




  · Fennel Seed Whole

  · Fennel Seed Powder

  · Bay Leaves

  · Bay Leaves Ground

  · Coriander Whole

  · Coriander Ground

  · Caraway Whole

  · Caraway Ground

  · Basil Chopped

  · Dill Spots

  · Marjoram

  · Oregano Shredded

  · Sage Rubbed

  · Tarragon Cut

  · Rosemary Shredded

  · Thyme Leaves

  · Chive Chopped

  · Leek Flakes

  · Celery Powder

  · Saffron Ground

  · Saffron Threads

  · FD Parsley

  · FD Chive

  · FD Basil

  · FD Dill

  · FD Turnip-rooted Chervil

  · FD Marjoram

  · FD Thyme

  · FD Sage

  · FD Savory

  · FD Oregano

  · FD Bear’s Leek

  · FD Vanilla Beans

  · FD Mixed Garden Vanilla

  · FD Mixed Cream Vanilla



  · Agaricus Bisporus

  · Boletus

  · Black Boletus

  · Black Fungus

  · Shiitake

  · Oyster Mushroom

  · Straw Mushroom

  · Morel

  · Chanterelle

  · Craterellus Cornucopioides

  · Mixed Mushroom


  · Mixed Vegetable

  · Carrot

        Ø   Carrot Powder

        Ø   Carrot Granule

        Ø   FD Carrot Granule

        Ø   Carrot Slice

        Ø   Carrot Flakes

  · Tomato

        Ø   Tomato Granule

        Ø   Tomato Flakes

        Ø   Tomato Slices in Oil

  · AD Cabbage Flakes

  · FD Green Asparagus

  · Artichoke Core Half in Vinegar

  · Spargel Gegrillt in Lake

  · Bamboo Sprouts in Stripes

  · Soybean Sprouts in Brine

  · Mung Bean Sprout in Brine

  · Wok-Keimlinge

  · Wok-Gemüse Karotte/Ingwer

  · Wokgemüse Wasserkastanie und


  · Wok-Gemüse Süß-Sauer mit Ananas



 · AD Fruit

 · FD Fruit

 · Fruit Paste

 · Fruit Peel


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